lliance Trading is a gold trading and consulting company active in the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf region. We offer gold-mining companies short- and long-term contracts to trade gold


Unit # 1103-02 & 1103-04,

Reef Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers,

Dubai, UAE. PO Box # 126732

Tel: +971-4-350-7077


  • Unrefined precious metal trading

  • Commercial brokerage

  • Management consulting

  • Cost control & risk management and advisory

  • Mining management services

  • Sourcing & procurement consulting

  • Geophysical & geological studies and services

  • Recruitment and HR-management

Alliance Services

Alliance Trading has a wide network of partners throughout the industry. Our mission is to become not just a trader, but a strategic partner for gold-producers offering consulting services for exploration and production in mining:

  • exploration-specific advisory

  • specialist development and production consulting 


lliance Trading offers professional services in the following areas:​